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Every household would eventually experience pest problems no matter how they try to get away with it. Most common pests that a certain household encounters are cockroaches, rats, mice, bed bugs and other nuisance insects. Seeing them around your place makes you feel itchy and irritated. You could not sleep peacefully thinking that these pests might crawl at your face or could be flying around your room. That is why the first thing that comes into your mind is to eliminate them quickly right that instant.

There are actually many ways in which you could eliminate these pests or drive them away from your home completely. You may either do it by yourself or call a professional pest control service provider who can help you exterminate these annoying pests. Whether you opt to hire a professional exterminator or strategize an effective pest control, there are four kinds of common domestic pest control that are used. These are:

4 Kinds of Domestic Pest Control you need to know more about


This type of domestic pest control method is commonly used in the backyard and in the edges or corners of the house. It usually leaves a foul odour in the areas in which it is applied or leaves nauseous residues on the plants.

Aside from sprays, repellents also come in noise making devices in which it emits loud sounds that would probably scare the pests away. It is set at a pitch that is terrible to pests but harmless to humans. The sound it emits cannot be heard by humans. Repellents may also come in granules that are repulsive and harmful to large sized pest like the fox.


In eliminating bugs and other insects such as bed bugs, spiders and flies, the insecticide and pesticide sprays are used most often. To use this kind of pest control method, you have to spray it directly to where the insects can be found in order to kill them on the spot.

Sprays can be used in some areas in the house such as skirting boards and the like. But if the pest infestation becomes really serious, fogs are often used to eliminate the severity of the infestation. When this kind of method is used, the place should be vacated because of its harmful effects to humans.


This kind of pest control method is used in capturing all types of pests ranging from the small ones to the larger ones. Small traps work for insects and bugs such as cockroaches. Usually in these types of pest, a glued surface is effective in capturing them making them unable to move and escape. As for larger pests like the rodent, large traps are designed to effectively capture them without giving them any chance to escape. More often, a piece of food is left in the trap to lure these pests. By the time that they get hold of that food, they are already trapped in the device made for them.

You might wonder what will be done after capturing these pests alive. Typically, these pests are released in safe place wherein it is already far away from another possible infestation.


Usually, the use of poisoned bait is used to eradicate the population of pests, such as rodents. This has already been in practice since then and has been very effective for many years already. Bait is used to get rid of harmful predators that could be very dangerous to any household. A poisoned food, such as meat, is frequently used to lure these pests. However, when the area is abundant with food for the pest to enjoy, this method may not be effective.

Anyone would really do their best just to eliminate these pests as soon as practicable. But everyone should keep in mind that when we do any of these methods, utmost care should be given and be very responsible for every action undertaken.

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